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About Us

 There is a charm in small, comprehensible things. It is well known that children adore small places. Large things disorient. Even for grown-ups, it is hard to take in something on the scale of a "Grand Canyon," even from 20,000 feet. Astronomers, people like that, seem to be able to handle the infinite - millions of stars, thousands of light years and so forth. But,  for the rest of us?

 There is the appreciation of intricacy, to notice how something is made, even while knowing that one personally could not duplicate it -birds' nests come to mind, or a honeycomb, or a spider's web.

 Before photography, people (if they could afford it) had miniature  portraits painted for the loved ones. Those who painted these miniatures (Samuel F.B. Morse was one) used strong magnifiers and tiny brushes to achieve their ends.

 Boalt Ornaments are like that. You know what they represent. You can hold them in your hand. These are things to mark our passage through this world. These are not memories. These are the talismans of memories. The areas of Gladys Boalt's interest and exploration come out of the stories and sensations that might well be our only common heritage,  those things which connect us with one another.

 These are matters that have become clear to those of us at Weed House who've been dealing with Boalt Ornaments for  more than thirty years. We hope that they may become part of your life too.